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Our know-how

Three types of merrain

The merranderies of the Group select the oaks and manufacture the staves following precise technical specifications, including traceability, quality and sharpness of grains.

Selected for their great quality, three types of staves are chosen to elaborate the different ranges proposed by Tonnellerie Saury:

  • Premium range with staves with extra fine grains
  • Classic range with staves with very fine grains
  • Aromatic range with staves with fine grains

Two preheating processes

Traditional pre-toasting

The barrel is bent after the « mise en rose », through the toasting in wood fire with superficial moistening.
This very delicate stage translates the know-how of the cooper.
The barrels with traditional toasting will bring structure, density, aromatic complexity and elegance.

Traditional preheater

Immersion pre-toasting

Finalized for the first time by Tonnellerie Saury in 2000, the process of immersion consists in placing « the rose » in a bath of high-temperature water. At the end of immersion « the rose » is bent, then a traditional toasting (wood fire: Lumière, M, M+) is applied according to the required qualities. During immersion, the water penetrates the wood by eliminating the hardest tannins. This process is aligned with the continuity of the stave washing by spraying.

In tasting, wines present a well-balanced and harmonious mouth: softness, sucrosity and decrease of tannins and bitterness.

Preheated by immersion